Attractions reflecting the beautiful culture at the heart of Lop Buri.

Market History

Lop Buri is a city with a great history of Thailand surrounded by many cultural buildings that reflect the identity of the Lop Buri people. This becomes the cultural attractions for both Thai and foreign tourists. Lop Buri Traditional Market (The Four Houses) was built as a tourist center that reflect our precious contemporary culture.


The Market is carefully laid out in 4 ancient Thai wooden houses with many shops and restaurants. The tourists can enjoy a variety taste of food and beverage that are rare to find nowadays. You will be fascinated with Lop Buri.

Thai Traditional Food

Under magnificent architecture, the Market is lined with authentic Thai food shops from local people, and ancient Thai desserts that are difficult to find whether it is a snack or main meal. You can taste all contemporary foods and beverages at an affordable price, which are available for all ages.

Easy Access

The Market is located at the heart of Lop Buri with a large parking lot. It is convenient for all types of travelers, personal cars, and tour buses.

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